Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 2

What a great day!

We are loving our vacation. We started our day with some sugary cereal, which is a big treat in our family. We must be on vacation.

Our first stop today was the Elmira Railway Museum. It's right beside our cottage and we'd heard something about a small train to ride around so we wanted to check it out. There wasn't much to see in the museum, but we loved the train ride. It was a 15 minute ride on a small little train going through the woods around the museum. At times, I thought Wesley was going to go out of his mind with excitement, especially when we went through the little tunnel they had built. He was positively gleeful.

We then had a trip to the grocery store and lunch before heading to the beach for the afternoon. We went to Basin Head Beach and had an amazing time! Wesley got a little freaked out by the jellyfish, but still had fun digging in the sand. We found seashells, crabs, and the previously mentioned jellyfish.

When we were back at the cottage making hamburgers for supper I realized that we hadn't bought ketchup for the hamburgers. You can't have hamburgers without ketchup so my Dad and I took off to find a little shop where we could pick some up. Well, apparently our cottage is in a really remote area with no shops anywhere. All we could find was a little restaurant so I went in there to ask if they knew of anywhere that I could buy some ketchup. They couldn't tell me anywhere closer than 20 minutes away but they were able to give me some little packets, so we were all set!

After supper we drove to the lighthouse at the eastern tip of the island. We got there at 7:02 and it closed at 7:00 so we couldn't go inside. We walked around, looking at the magnificent views. Again we encountered two little foxes who were running around by the lighthouse. These guys seem to be everywhere. It's pretty cool.

We're expecting rain tomorrow so we're not sure what we're going to do tomorrow. We're hoping to visit Buffaloland Provincial Park, which is a place Nick and I loved to visit when we were here on our honeymoon. There's a lot of wildlife there and we know the kids will love it. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

More pictures will be posted soon on our flickr site.


Anonymous Lynn said...

Sounds like a great trip so far. Great pictures. Did you manage to get Pa to stick a toe in the ocean yet?

Good to see the blog back again!

8:27 PM  

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