Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Great Day

Today was all about the animals. I'm talking about real animals, not my kids.

We started out today visiting Buffaloland Provincial Park. This is a place Nick and I loved to visit when we were here on our honeymoon. What a letdown it was today. It just doesn't seem to be well-cared for anymore. 13 years ago there were different kinds of animals, they were close to the lookout and it was really exciting to see them. Today there were only buffalo, and they were in a completely different field from the viewing area. It was pretty disappointed. The kids were bored out of their minds.

From there we went to Panmure Head Lighthouse, which we climbed all the way to the top. It was pretty cool and we got an amazing view of the ocean from there. In a field right beside the lighthouse were some cool horses, which got a much better reaction from the kids than the horses.

From there we went to Springwater Farm, a cool little sheep farm we had read about in the Visitor's Guide. It's just a little family-owned farm that we drove into. We were greeted by the family's dogs and then taken around to see their sheep, rabbits, and chickens.

We followed that up with a little shopping, and then we went to Greenwich National Park. We didn't have time to walk all the way to their famous sand dunes but we took a nice walk. The only animals we saw here though were mosquitos. And tons of them.

We then returned to the cottage for a relaxing evening "at home". I'd hate to mention who won the Trivial Pursuit game between Nick, Dad and I, but I will say that they were beaten by a girl.

I won't pretend to hide how excited I am about tomorrow. We're off to Charlottetown tomorrow for a trip to Cows Creamery and "Anne of Green Gables - The Musical". Darcy, Mom, Dad and I are going to the musical, while Nick and Wesley are going to the movies. Then Thursday will be our trip to Cavendish to see all things Anne. Darcy hasn't bought her hat with the red braids yet but I'm sure she'll have a chance over the next two days.

I can't wait!


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