Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back in New Brunswick

Today was travel day #1. We left our cottage around 8:30 this morning to start the drive to Edmunston, NB.

It was a pretty uneventful day once again. The kids watched movies so that kept them pretty quiet along the way.

The only trouble we ran into was trying to find somewhere for lunch. The place we stopped at last week had cars lined up to get into the parking lot. We didn't think that seemed like a good idea so we kept driving. However, when we checked our GPS there wasn't anything else listed within 100 km. We kept driving to see what we could see and eventually stumbled on a little motel and restaurant. We went into the restaurant to find that it had 6 tables inside, all of which were occupied. Some of us went to the bathroom while others tried to find a table. We eventually got one, but it still took the overworked waitresses 10 minutes to get it cleaned off from the last people for us. It was crazy busy the whole time we were there, but we finally got some pretty good food and got on our way again.

Nick was feeling pretty tired this afternoon, so I took over the driving for the last 200 km or so of the trip. We had some pretty heavy rain at times, but overall a good day for a drive.

We got to Edmunston around 5:30 and had supper at Wendy's before checking into the hotel. Then we went for a quick swim in the pool before trying to get the kids to bed. It is currently 9:00 our time and Wesley is still awake. Hopefully he falls asleep soon because Nick will soon be back with some DQ and I'm not sharing!


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