Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Passing the Love to the Next Generation

I think we can officially say that the love of Anne of Green Gables has officially been passed down to the next generation in our family. We saw "Anne of Green Gables - the Musical" this afternoon and Darcy was absolutely in love with it. But I'll get there.

Today was our day to head to Charlottetown. It started off with a tour of Cows Creamery. That was a great time. The kids each got a cute t-shirt and we all got to sample some tasty ice cream. Delicious.

After a quick lunch we headed to downtown Charlottetown to get ready for the musical. Before the show we went to the "Anne of Green Gables Store" which is like heaven on earth for me. I could have spent a lot of money there.

Ever since we started talking about this trip, Darcy has been talking about buying a straw hat with red braids attached. That was the first thing we sa
w when we walked into the store, so we picked it up. She also chose an Anne Doll. She wanted the hat to wear to the play.

Then it was on to the play. Our seats were in the second row, in the centre of the row. If you've never seen a play this way, I highly recommend it. We were right at stage level and felt like we were part of the play. Amazing. Darcy loved the play. She laughed like crazy at the funny parts and cried (along with pretty much everyone else, I'm not going to lie) when Matthew died. She told Nick all about it at dinner. I think she's already as in love with the Anne story as I was at her age and I'm pretty sure this is something that we're going to love for a long, long time.

Nick and Wesley went to see "Zookeeper" while we were at the play. Wesley had a good time. Nick thought it was terrible.

Tomorrow we are heading to Cavendish to see the Green Gables home. Then we're going to Avonlea Village for a bit more Anne fun. I can't wait. There could be a lobster dinner in our future too.


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