Monday, July 19, 2010

The Case of the Missing Tooth

Darcy has been quite anxious to have a loose tooth for months. She talks about it all the time and constantly had me checking to see if I could see anything happening. There was never anything to see.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the dentist and she even asked about it during her cleaning. She was told that nothing was visible then but that it could happen anytime when you're six years old.

On Saturday morning she was trying to undo the knot on a plastic necklace when she found that it hurt her tooth. She got Nick to see if she had hurt herself, but instead he found her first loose tooth! She was so excited, until she tried to eat lunch. She found that eating with a wiggly tooth really hurt and she cried most of the way through lunch.

We told her that it could still take a long time for the tooth to fall out. If it just started being wiggly on Saturday then it could be a long wait before the tooth would actually fall out. We were playing outside on Saturday afternoon and the kids were eating cookies. Darcy started crying again and said it felt like her tooth broke. Nick took a look and her mouth was bleeding and one of the roots had broken free. We got her to rinse her mouth and Nick cleaned it up a bit. With the tooth only hanging on by a thread he was able to remove it easily. So after only a few hours of being loose, the tooth was out. There was a very excited little girl around our house. She needed to call some good friends to let them and was disappointed to get their answering machines.

She couldn't wait to get to bed for the tooth fairy's visit. She kept wanting to put the tooth under her pillow to help the tooth fairy come faster. It was only 4:00 in the afternoon!

Sunday morning finally came and there was a twonie under her pillow. She was very excited. Then when we got to church a facebook friend who has seen us writing about it on Sunday gave her another dollar, saying that the tooth fairy must have gotten confused and gone to her house by mistake. So Darcy thought she was the queen of the world with her $3.00. Grandmaman and Papa came for the day and she even offered to buy us all lunch at Swiss Chalet with her three dollars. What a funny kid.