Monday, April 04, 2011


One of my big concerns in moving from Windsor to Ottawa had to do with the weather. It didn't sit well with me to be moving from the southernmost tip of Canada to one of the coldest national capitals in the world. I lived in Ottawa during my school years so I knew exactly what to expect and it wasn't good.

So here we are on April 5th, and I think it's safe to say that I have survived my first Ottawa winter in nearly 20 years. I say that while a good portion of my backyard is still covered under snow and ice and after brushing snow off my car this morning. We're expecting more warm weather and rain this week and I'm hoping the snow and ice will soon be gone from the backyard.

I've seen friends on facebook today complaining about the humidity in Windsor while I'm brushing snow off my car. I've heard of sightings of crocuses while mine are still safely underground. I've heard about thunderstorms while I'm still wearing my winter boots.

I've got a lot of big windows in my house and I don't like having lights on during the day because of the amount of light they let in. Today is so grey and dark I need several lights on.


Aside from the weather, though, we're continuing to make the adjustment to our city quite well. Darcy is really doing well at school and her French skills are amazing for her age. She is starting to make some really good friends, which is a big relief to us. Wesley is settling into his routines as well and is getting excited about starting school in September. His speech still isn't completely on track for his age, but he's improving all the time. We're still in line for speech therapy.

We can't believe we've been here for almost a year already, but it's been good. Now let's enjoy the beautiful Ottawa spring we've heard so much about!