Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

You saw the picture of Wesley taken on Saturday night now here are some that were taken on Sunday night after a few doses of his medication. What a huge improvement!

So far Darcy and I have still managed to escape the pinkeye, so we hope that lasts. She went to church yesterday morning and sang her songs and said her poem. They all did a great job and it was really cute. She even managed to stay in the line without pushing her friends out of the way to get to the microphone. I was impressed!

I had a really wonderful Mother's Day. Nick and the kids gave me some pretty flowers, a new CD of African music and some chocolate. Then we went out for dinner at night and had a really nice time. This morning we went out to get my main gift which is a lilac plant for the front yard. I've wanted one for years but we've never gotten around to getting it. Now we have it, we just have to plant it! I'm so excited because I've always really loved lilacs. I'll post some pictures once we've got it in the ground.


Anonymous Lynn said...

That boy just keeps getting cuter--if that's possible!

I love lilacs too, but we don't really have the yard for one. What colour did you get?

Good to hear you and Darcy seem to have missed the pink eye.

11:21 PM  

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